Here, in this blog of mine;
I share a piece of my
heart, mind, and soul.
Keep it safe, or move along.
Thank you.

AlexieJiggs. 23.

I’m sitting at a bar at the airport, drinking Blueberry Lemonade and a side of Buffalo chips.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

“Be brave. Say what you need to say. When you don’t speak up, there’s a lot of important stuff that ends up not getting said.”

Please take the time to read. Some of us don’t have forver, or next year, or next week, or maybe even tomorrow.

Ah, here you are old friend.

The familiar feeling of anxiety, excitement, and fear before leaving a place you’ve gotten so used to.

Although I’m going somewhere I’ve known and loved all my life; I still have this aching in my heart whenever I leave my family. This always happens when my mom leaves. When we we’re still living in the Philippines, and she would travel to the states… oh this sick feeling in my stomach. 

More so now that we’ve started talking again. It makes the ache a little less tolerable. Hoping or not hoping at all. It’s nice to have you back in my life. Even if it was through the pages of a blog. Heh, what’s different right? Oh. RIGHHHTT. Hahaha 

As for me, I have a mission! and that it’s to squirt this little blueberry safely. After that, anything can happen. Anything is possible again. I could eat sushi and ride a roller coaster. Lol. Joking aside, I would have a clearer head and my body will be mine again. (Well, after she breastfeeds and after all the bleeding for weeks stop)

I wanted this post to reflect what I was feeling at the moment. I was going for a more somber mood. A bag of emotions and a mix of body aches.